Cycling for Everyone

At Cycling 4 Everyone, we believe just that, it should be for everyone to enjoy.  Let us introduce ourselves and tell you what we are about.

The organisation is based in Dronfield, North east Dervyshire, UK.  Established in 2015  our aim is to give people living in the Dronfield area better and safer access to cycle paths.
better cycling provision for families in the area .


Our vision is to make access to cycling in the Dronfield area the best we possibly can.   We would like to see safe cycle paths throughout the area that link up with each other, and that connect with cycle paths outside of the Dronfield district.

Many people like to ride a bike, we want you to be able to ride your bike to the local shops, to school, to visit friends across town, without needing to go on any busy roads.





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