Why People Don’t Ride Bicycles

Most people learn how to ride a bicycle when they are quite young, they then use their bike for recreation into their teens, and then rarely get on a bike until they have children of their own.  They then tend to spend a short time enjoying riding with their kids before putting their bikes away in the garage to gather dust and rust.

This appears to be how most people experience cycling in the UK.  We appear to like riding bikes, so much, that we pass the enjoyment on to our children, but tend on average not use our bikes that much.

According to research carried out for the Department for Transport, reasons that people don’t use their bikes more often appears to be related to safety, security, and health.  Three of the things that Cycling 4 Everyone wants to improve for people in and around the Dronfield area.

The survey found that over 90% of people had learnt to ride a bicycle, but only around 10% of those used a bike more than four time per month.  Of the bicycle owners who participated in the survey only 5% used their bikes for shopping and commuting. The perception of road safety was that around 70% the people who did not own a bicycle thought that it was too dangerous to cycle on the roads.

On a positive note, it was found that people would use their bikes more if there were dedicated cycle paths on roadways.  They would cycle to work more if there  was a secure place to store their bike and somewhere they could get changed. It appears from reading through the survey that most of us at some point in our lives enjoyed cycling as an activity, and that we understand the health benefits that can be gained from cycling.  There appears to be no doubt that if cycling can be made safer then more people would participate.

Our aim is to remove some of the constraints that put people off riding their bikes.  But to do this we need your support…Join our newsletter list and help us to make the changes needed for creating a safer and more accessible area for Dronfield cyclists.



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